Hollywood Finally Notices Success of Christian Films


Hollywood has finally noticed the success of Christian films such as last fall’s War Room and 2014’s God’s Not Dead!

Los Angeles, California – Alex Boese of the Spaghetti Harvest Media Marketing Group (SHMMG) of San Bernardino, California announced at a press conference on Monday that his company has decided to take a page from the faith-based handbook. This year, SHMMG will begin encouraging studios to release secular film advertisements with relevant Bible verses.

A Hollywood po

A big Hollywood power lunch meeting from the 1950’s.

“At a recent big Hollywood power lunch meeting at Soho House,” Mr. Boese said, “I convinced some of the town’s biggest players that using the Bible is the best way to attract the elusive faith-based audience, a key rising demographic that has proven to have very deep pockets when they feel they are being serviced.”

Mr. Boese went on to explain that “faith-based” films (also known as “faith and family” films, “family-based and faith-building” films, “faith, family & family, faith” films, and “building family and faith in the faith and family building” films) have gained popularity over the past few years, in large part thanks to the grass roots social media marketing efforts of the small independent studios which produce them.

A key way these studios have utilized social media is by producing images showing key verses from the Bible and a logo of the film that can be easily shared from Christian film fan to Christian film fan. Often the images will also show stills from the films to help drive the Bible verse point home.

“If we want to attract that F&F audience, we have to play by their rules,” Mr. Boese commented. “If that means using the Bible to sell tickets, then so be it. After all, if the Bible is good enough for Christians as a marketing tool, then it’s good enough for us.”

Mr. Boese’s comments were briefly interrupted as a man started shouting about cheapening Scripture by using it to sell products, but he was quickly ushered out by SHMMG employees. The incident was quickly forgotten by those in attendance. [note to editor: consider redacting this paragraph]

Mr. Boese ended his presentation by revealing several different advertisement mockups that SHMMG had developed. He announced that these Bible advertisements would be likely soon begin showing up on each respective film’s social media feeds, pending approval of each film’s marketing department.

“This is a new day of partnership between Hollywood and the faith-and-family-based community,” Mr. Boese said confidently. “And by the way, using the Bible this way should help us to sell a LOT more tickets.”

Time will tell, Mr. Boese. Time will tell.

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3 thoughts on “Hollywood Finally Notices Success of Christian Films

  1. Wait, using bible verses to sell more tickets to faith & family films is one thing but using them to sell tickets to secular films with no real faith element? Can you say wolf in sheeps clothing?! The faith audience is not stupid and this will only drive them further away! Seriously, is this guy kidding!

    • Guy, it’s satire… but I’d invite you to read the article I wrote originally where I question the use of the Bible sell tickets to anything – it’s linked at the end of this article. The point of this satirical article was to drive that point home – that the use of the Bible to sell movie tickets is questionable at best.

      But to your point – why should a secular film have no real faith element? Of the films that I listed (with the possible exception of The Road Chip) all of them contain real – deep – spiritual truths. Maybe even more than some of the films that get made under the “faith-based” banner. Just not as obvious.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. It worked for the “fat free” banana sticker people, right? I remember when I first saw them- those fat free bananas in the supermarket. I said to myself…”wait a minute, self. Bananas have always been “fat free. Why the sticker? Oh ya. Sales. People on those diets. They’ll buy anything with that label “fat free” because they’re so crazy from the hunger:) Love this spoof! ????

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