Thimblerig’s Film Reviews

Thimblerig's Film Reviews

To figure out how to tell The Story – truly the Greatest Story Ever Told – in the manner in which it deserves, and in such an excellent way that people outside the Christian subculture will receive it.

Back in March of 2014, I was stunned when my post, “What’s Wrong with Christian Filmmaking“, went viral, amassing over 100,000 hits in just a couple of days.  I’d never had more than fifty people visit my blog, and suddenly I had over 100,000!

I wrote the article to ask this question:  What can we Christians do to enable our filmmakers to make films that have a chance at making a dent in the greater culture?  This is the sort of thing we also discuss over at the Sacred Arts Revolution Facebook page, which you’re welcome to join.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to my article, the next thing I decided to do was examine how well filmmakers who were Christians accomplished these five challenges:

1.  Take more risks

2.  Challenge your audience

3.  Recognize that art is art and the pulpit is the pulpit

4.  Provoke your audience by raising questions without necessarily giving the answers

5.  Tell good stories

The goal of Thimblerig’s Film Reviews is to see how well movies made by Christians (or with Christian involvement) accomplish these five challenges.  The reviews are honest about what the filmmaker has done well, and where improvement is needed.  I humbly acknowledge that making any film is a huge achievement, worthy of respect, and I hope my reviews are read with that in mind.

My desire is to tell the truth about the quality of a film with the hope that in the long run, my small input might help the overall quality of Christian-made films to improve.

Oh, and sometimes I just write about movies I like, even if there’s no known Christian involvement.

Click on the movie poster, which are in alphabetical order, to read the review.

Believe Me

Beware of Christians


God’s Not Dead


Guardians of the Galaxy

Heaven is for Real

Left Behind

Mom’s Night Out






Real Steel




The Remaining

School of Rock (not really a review…)














Saving Christmas


The Song



















































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