Thimblerig’s Travels • Yangshuo, China

My family made an end-of-the-school-year weekend trip from Shenzhen to Yangshuo, and it was a blast. The high-speed “bullet” train, which topped off at 300 KPH (187 MPH), made the 600 KM (375 M) trip to Guillin in just over three hours. Then, an hour-long taxi ride took us into the mystical terrain of Yangshuo. We enjoyed our stay at the Outside Inn, and highly recommend the inn if you’re making the trip and looking for comfortable and friendly lodging outside of Yangshuo proper.


5 thoughts on “Thimblerig’s Travels • Yangshuo, China

    • Hey! They’ve been taking Chinese classes since we arrived in 2012, so they can get around. Much better than me, btw! 🙂

      You’d be especially interested to know that they tell tourists that Star Wars was filmed in the Guillen/Yangshuo area – which it wasn’t. However, it was apparently an inspiration for the landscape of Kashyyyk in Ep 3.

      • I told some friends who were making the trip with us, and they’d seen the claim on some website.

        The same thing happened a few years ago when I was travelling in Capadoccia, Turkey. There are some amazing cave dwellings, and the tourist companies claimed it was where Lucas shot Tatooine. Actually had it on posters in their offices!

      • Rolling my eyes. I was in Croatia a month ago and was in a building where they were talking about all these scenes from game of thrones being filmed. I looked it up online later and it was only one scene and a very short one. The other ones they were claiming were filmed we’re much more north of where we were. So silly when we can look everything up easily online!

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