Day 23 • 40 Days (and Nights) of Christian Media

Day 23.

23WPI’ve come to a strange place in this process.   All of my feeds are churning out Christian suggestions, thanks to those wonderful little cookie things.  So, theoretically, my temptation to visit secular sites should be at a minimum.  But that’s not the case.  Every day I want to go check out the secular news, information, and entertainment websites that I enjoyed before starting this ridiculous challenge.

There’s a new Avengers trailer, but I can’t watch it.

There are news outlets other than the ones obsessed about cakes in Indiana, but I can’t read them.

There are movie soundtracks to be listened to while I try to write, but I can’t listen to them.

You have to remember, I’m not just a Christian, I’m also a Christian with a pop culture addiction.  And I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by Christian media.

But there’s been one big exception – the world of audio.

Over the past 23 days, I’ve discovered some really wonderful, creative, expressive, Christian-made music. I’ve found musicians who claim Christ and who are doing some amazing things, some things that are worthy of hearing by folks in and out of the Christian subculture.  In fact, it seems like Christian musicians are given more leeway than other arenas of media, but that might just be my own interpretations of events.

Here’s the way I see it.  Christian musicians have a leg up when it comes to other arenas of Christian media, because the greater church doesn’t care about the genre.  You can play Australian Death Metal but still be a Christian band.  Christian gangta rap?  Why not?  Christian punk?  Sure.  Christian psychedelic?  Rock on!

But what about – for example – Christian film?  Do we give our Christian filmmakers the same leeway?  Of course not!  We demand that Christian-made films fall into a certain category.  They have to be family-friendly, they have to have the “Christian money shot” conversion scene, they have to have the one-dimensional anti-Christian character, etc.

You don’t hear much about Christian-made films that don’t fit the mold.  And this, my friends, is a big mistake.  We need to be making Christian-made films that break all the barriers!  We need to do Christian-made sci-fi (please, with big budgets), dramas, westerns, comedies, historical epics, indy dramas, etc.

Equal time for Christian media, y’all.   And you non-creative Christians need to get out there and start putting your money where your mouth is.  Find a Christian creative that you like and start supporting their work.  Give to their indie-gogo projects.  Buy their music and give it to a friend.  Read their books and buy a copy for your library.

And review.  Always review, no matter the media.

Also, to update from my last post, the “Bake For Them Two” post that I mentioned created a minor firestorm on my Facebook page that ended with me being unfriended by an old college acquaintance who would fall into the strict conservative political-Christian category.  I don’t think of myself as terribly progressive or liberal, but interacting with this person certainly made me feel so.

Since when does identifying oneself with the radical love for Jesus towards the disenfranchised and the outcasts of society makes one a progressive or liberal?  I’m sorry, my strictly conservative political-Christian former Facebook friend, but I don’t give you the power to label me in such a way.


One thought on “Day 23 • 40 Days (and Nights) of Christian Media

  1. great stuff here.

    we’ve been having this fun debate about one of our projects — a story about a Irish heroine whose been called “the smoking, swearing Mother Teresa” — more Calvary than Fireproof by far. We’ve thought about dipping our toe into the “faith” audience as it has strong mission-minded, heroic, daring convictions of a great woman. on one hand that line could cause many to stay home, on the other hand we are nearing the point where such a line could be the thing that excites people sick of the drivel coming out right now.

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