Day 10 • The 40 Days (and Nights) of Christian Media Challenge

Day-10aI’m one quarter of the way through this challenge.  In other words, what I just did, I have to do again – three more times.  30 days to go.

The good news is that I’ve fallen into a comfortable routine with my media consumption.  I get up in the morning, brew a cup of coffee, and hit Syke Jethani’s daily devotional.  Then, I peruse Facebook, my email, and hit some of the Christian news websites.

On my way to work, I listen to one of the dozen Christian-made podcasts that I’m trying out.  There’ve been a few clunkers, but I’ve found others that really strike me as well-produced, entertaining, enlightening, even convicting.  More to come about the podcasts later.

My big find this week was when I discovered that you can buy seasons of The Andy Griffith Show at different Christian retailers!  So I have started to allow myself an episode or two during the day.  Some people may call foul, saying that Andy Griffith was not a Christian program.  Technically, that is correct, but the rules I set up for myself stated clearly that I could only consume media that one could purchase at Christian retailers, so in my opinion I’m in the clear.  Remember, one of the things I was attempting with this experiment was to better understand the people who consume only Christian media every day for 365 days a year – and those folks would probably not have a problem with Andy.

REVELATION-ROAD-O-card-v7I also decided to go against the better angels of my nature, and download an “end-times” movie.  I chose Pure Flix’s Revelation Road, which is sort of like God’s Not Dead meets Mad Max.  And do you believe, I was pleasantly surprised.  The film had some good action, a premise that was not typical for these kinds of movies, and say what you will about the preachiness of his movies, but David A.R. White is immensely likable on screen.  I still wouldn’t recommend the film to my non-Christian friends (still preachier than I prefer), but it made for some pretty solid “for-the-choir” entertainment.

Next up on the list?  Pure Flix’s Marriage Retreat.

I was also able to get hold of a very interesting little film, which I plan to write more about later.  It’s called Rocket Pack Jack, and it’s a fun little (50 minutes) movie for kids.  RPJ sports fairly impressive special effects, a good dose of humor, and quite a bit of on-the-nose Gospel talk that should have bothered me more than it did.  Again, more to come later, but you can watch the trailer here.

Finally, I’ve felt stronger spiritually these past ten days, but I don’t think this is because I’ve been finding such strong and enriching spiritual content to consume.  No, I attribute this mostly to my purposeful refocusing on my relationship with God, taking more time for prayer, and reading the Word.

The lesson I’m learning?  While there’s some good in all the stuff that the Christian media machine tries to convince us to buy, in the end those things aren’t the things that will really help us to grow.




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