Meriam NOT to be freed after all. Maybe.

If this were any other situation,  I would think that perhaps the government of Sudan was angling for publicity, trying to keep itself in the news.  You would think – however – that they would want this issue to just go away, and that the best way to save face would be to joyfully release Meriam and say it was all a big mistake.

On Saturday, that’s what the world had thought was happening, when an official of the Sudanese government declared that Meriam would be freed within days, and the I joined the rest of the sane world in rejoicing this surprising turn of events.

But, today, the Sudanese government came out saying that the officials comments had been taken out of context.

Out of context, eh?  Let’s see.  On Saturday, Abdullah Alazreg, a foreign ministry under-secretary, told the media that Ibrahim “will be freed within days in line with legal procedure that will be taken by the judiciary and the ministry of justice.”  Okay, so they did leave themselves a loophole, because you could argue that the “in line with legal procedure” could mean anything.

So, we’re back to the first square.

Meriam’s lawyers have said that they see this as a positive thing – that the government has been “rattled” by the pressure being put on them worldwide.  So, let’s keep up the pressure!  If you haven’t signed the petition, then do so RIGHT NOW!  Write your government representative and demand that they take an official stance on this situation.  Does your home country have any companies that do business in Sudan?  If so, write to them and make the same demand.

And most importantly, continue to pray for Meriam and her family, that God would protect her and bring her back to her husband safely.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 6.45.07 AMAnd on a sidenote, which is actually a note that should be up front and center in the U.S., why is it that when you Google Meriam Ibrahim, you don’t find any American news stories popping up, except for one Christian website, and a mention in U.S. News and World Report?  It’s overwhelmingly being covered by the British media, and shluffed aside by the American media.  Is that because the Obama administration is giving it such little notice?  They can release five of the most dangerous men in Guantanamo, but not actively and openly try to secure the release of the wife of an American citizen?

In the U.S.  News and World Report article, the writer mentions that Oklahoma senator James Inhofe has written to John Kerry, requesting that Meriam be granted political asylum, and asking Kerry to use the influence of the State Department to secure Meriam release.

This would be good move by the current administration.



3 thoughts on “Meriam NOT to be freed after all. Maybe.

  1. I am sickened by this situation and appalled that my own country, the United States of America, has not hastily stepped into action to free this woman, her babies, and provide protection for her American husband. I am outraged that the Obama administration looks the other way as if this situation is “okay”. Even if her husband was not an American, the political leaders of America should be doing something to stop this evil act! There is no context in which murdering a person for their religious faith is okay! There is no context in which it is okay to murder someone for having a sexual relationship (which was inside of a marriage these evil scumbags deny as being legitamate). I am ashamed of my country, its spineless political cowards, and their messed up minds that allow them to look the other way while this woman and her family continues to suffer at the hands of true monsters. I pray that God intervenes quickly in this situation, that American leaders wake up and help her, and that Sudan gets a loud and clear message from the world that these types of atrocities are WRONG!

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