Twitter Responds To Clinton’s Venn Diagram Fail

I don’t usually post political items, but this is just too amusing, and so I can’t help myself. A few hours ago, Hillary Clinton’s twitter page posted this.

Now, in case you are wondering exactly what that tweet means, you wouldn’t be the only one. It seems that Mrs. Clinton is trying to use a Venn Diagram to promote the idea of Congress doing something about universal background checks, and somehow it has something to do with 90% of Americans, and 83% of gun owners. But, something went wrong with the execution.


This is one of those golden moments that Twitter could not allow to pass unnoticed. And I don’t care if you are for Hillary, for Trump, for Bernie, or for Flavius Octavius von Imasillyman, you have to appreciate the humor of it all.

Here are some of the responses offered by the Twitterverse:

And then there’s this…

And this…

See, Twitter wants to make sure that the Clinton campaign understands that the point of a Venn Diagram is to help you to understand something better, not make it even more confusing. And so, there was plenty of help proffered.

For example:

And this…

And this…

And because the power of the Venn Diagram had now been shown to the Twitterverse, others started trying to use it to their own benefit. Like this Seinfeld fan page:

And this guy, who was looking for the Venn Diagram to help provide some answers for his struggling marriage:

And this person who wanted to show that a Venn Diagram can even help you understand other countries!

So, thank you Twitter, for helping end the week on a high note. And whoever it was in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign that made this error, don’t worry. Truth be told, the internet’s got your back.