A Word on Artistry for Christians from Rich Mullins

On Sheila Walsh’s Heart to Heart show back in 1992, Sheila asked Rich Mullins what the point of his concerts were – what he hoped to convey.  Rich – sporting a real happenin’ hairstyle – answered:

You know what I think, mostly music.

A lot of people think that as a Christian musician, when I write a song I sit down and say, “What really spiritually significant thing can I say here?” and I really don’t believe in doing that. I really think that you just try to write really good songs. And if you are a Christian then your faith is going to affect everything you write.

So it’s not a matter of sitting down with a little agenda and coming up with a song that is very spiritual. I think if you’re anything like a spiritual person then your writing will be spiritual writing. If you’re a Christian that will affect whether you’re a carpenter or a plumber or a housewife or a secretary or whatever. If your faith doesn’t have some impact on your work, it’s probably because you have no faith.

This is a perfect response, and applies to those of us trying to write movies, books, poetry, plays, or any other art form as people of faith.

It’s a great interview, and you can watch the whole thing here.