Embracing Beauty • Day 9 • Beauty goes Interstellar


Circling the earth in a low orbit since 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has returned some of the most stunning images of the universe ever taken. The telescope, a joint operation between NASA and the European Space Agency, was placed in position to take advantage of being outside the earth’s atmosphere, allowing it to take images five times sharper than the strongest earth-bound telescope.

Today’s example of embracing beauty is a gallery of some of the galaxy’s most visually stunning images. All of the images, as well as more information about Hubble, can be found at the NASA Hubble page, HubbleSite, and the Hubble Space Telescope website.

Also, to enhance your experience, I would recommend listening to Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar soundtrack while working your way through the images. Zimmer’s soundtrack is also pretty stunning, and a perfect companion piece to these images. Also, make sure to expand the pictures out of the gallery to enjoy them in their full glory!

All of the following images were taken from the Hubble Space Telescope website. If you go look through the image gallery on that site you can read all about the objects in the pictures.

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