Drawing Thimblerig

Artist Burton Booz came to my fifth grade classroom and gave a demonstration on how to draw some of the main characters of Thimblerig’s Ark.  It was a fun time for the students as they saw the artist who created the beautiful cover recreate his drawings live!

A New Character for Thimblerig’s Ark II?

Illustrator Burton Booz, who did the fantastic cover of Thimblerig’s Ark, visited my fifth grade class today to teach them how to draw different characters from the book.  Inspired by the creative imaginations of the students, Burton imaged a new creature – a groundhog/unicorn hybrid.  We can’t decide if it should be called a groundicorn, or a unihog.

A groundicorn, or a unihog?  By Burton Booz

A groundicorn, or a unihog? By Burton Booz