Outrage. It’s all the rage.


It’s all the rage these days, isn’t it?

Stories are posted and shared and we’re outraged. And so we share. And then more people are outraged. And then they share and more are outraged.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Outrage is the fashion.

I’m outraged that people are wearing masks. I’m outraged that people aren’t wearing masks. I’m outraged that the government is pushing to open schools. I’m outraged that people are pushing people to stay home and destroy the economy. I’m outraged about systematic racial injustice. I’m outraged that people are tearing down statues.

Outrage. Outrage. Outrage.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that someone, somewhere, is working hard to keep us in a constant societal state of outrage.

Here’s the thing. Outrage, when responding to specific injustice, can be a positive force for change. But outrage, when carefully cultivated in fearful times, can be manipulated for nefarious purposes.

That seems to be happening in July 2020.

Outrage is benefiting someone, somewhere. But it is not benefiting us. The regular people. The folk. We are not being benefited by the outrage. We are being manipulated.

I suggest that it’s time that we became the manipulators.

We need to PURPOSE to be in a different state, a state of anti-outrage. We need to purpose to be in a state of “inpeace”, as coined by my Twitter friend, Keith Lango.

We need inpeace. Not outrage.

What does inpeace look like? It means being people who look for a peace-building response outraged responses. It means being people who actively seek to demonstrate kindness and empathy and understanding instead of just flaming and being pissed off.

Being inpeaced is an active choice. Especially these days, when there are plenty of voices clambering for rage. These days, when there are plenty of voices trying to sew division.

That’s what we need to figure out: how to be different. We need to figure out how to counter the voices that are working to divide us and encourage us to work against each other.

Outrage. I’m not having it anymore. I’m dedicated to working on being a person of inpeace, even as I try to figure out what that means, practically.

I’m still trying to figure it out. But I wonder… who’s with me?


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