What lifetime habits has COVID-19 given you?

For me, they are as follows.

1. I will touch the elevator button with any part of my body other than my finger. Because my finger touches my face.
2. Browsing in the supermarket? No thank you. Get in and get out. Like special ops.
3. If the need arises to cough or sneeze in public, I will put my body through whatever contortions are necessary to suppress that cough or sneeze.
4. Buffet? No thank you. Never again.
5. Everyone will always stay away from me. Always. Social distancing is my jam.
6. I will wash my hands each and every time I have the opportunity. With soap. For 20 seconds. At least.
7. There is no place like home.
8. Crowds have always been overrated.
9. Work should always be done pants-less.
10. I’m important, but so is my neighbor.

What about you?


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