The Ichthus Fish for 2020

I want to make a proposal. An ichthus fish for 2020.

The mask.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 12.13.15 PM


Let me give some background to this proposal.

daniel-and-diasporaYesterday, a friend sent me a link to a video of a pastor talking about a prophetic dream he’d had that things are going to get really REALLY bad in the US in November. Not sure I need a prophetic dream to guess that might happen, especially the way 2020 has been going, but I digress.It’s what the pastor said at the end that got me thinking. He called for Christians to prepare for the coming apocalypse by loading up on gold, silver, food, and guns. “Brace yourselves”, was the message he felt led to convey.

All this energy to survive… if Christians believe their eternal destination is heaven why work so hard to survive in a dystopia? Surely it is so that they can be salt and light in a dystopia, right? If things really go to hell, we’re going to need lots of people acting like Jesus to get us through it. Right?

static1.squarespaceBut he didn’t say anything about salt and light. He said gold and silver and food and guns. Load up on guns. Are we talking about being salt and light to other survivors while staring down the barrels of our guns?

I get it. If you are to survive things falling apart, you will want to keep the Mad Max-esque evil psychopaths at bay. You’ll need to protect your sheep. We’ve all seen the movies.

But salt and light, loving our enemies, the caring for our neighbors… the Gospel stuff… shouldn’t that happen, too? Does the message of Jesus get paused during times of duress?

It’s kind of like wearing a mask during a global pandemic.

Gessen-MaskProtestsThis isn’t a surprise to folks who know me, but I just don’t get why the people arguing the most loudly against wearing masks often identify as Christians. Why is this a thing?

It’s interesting that the people arguing the most loudly against wearing masks would probably also be the ones working the hardest to survive the coming cataclysm, should it come. They’d be the ones with the gold, the silver, the food, and the guns.

But would they offer salt and light? If they can’t be counted on to demonstrate love to their neighbors during the pandemic, what makes anyone think they would do better in that regard when the crap has really hit the fan?

I don’t know. But I do know I would think twice before I’d go knocking on their doors looking for help.

cq5dam.thumbnail.cropped.1500.844The ones who do give me hope are the people (Christians and otherwise) who are concerned enough about their neighbors that they do the simple thing of wearing a mask right now. Those are the people who would be most likely to also offer salt and light in dark times.

Yeah, there will still be plenty of authentic Jesus-like things going on in a dystopia. I’m convinced of it.

And it gives me hope.

So I propose the mask as the ichthus fish for 2020. It should be put on the doors when and if everything falls apart to indicate where the salt and light lies. If you knock on this door you will be met with grace and mercy, not guns and paranoia.

The mask.

Anyone onboard?


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