The Mask. What will you do?


The mask.

It’s funny, that a small bit of sewn material has become such a contentious object.

Up until 2020, most of didn’t know the mask except for watching episodes of M*A*S*H or looking at pictures of people in Asia during SARS.

If we weren’t medical, the mask was a curiosity. An oddity. Something that would never have anything to do with any of the rest of us.

2020, as it has with so many things, has changed that.

Now, in the United States, we have two factions when it comes to masks. We have the “I will wear the mask to protect myself and others” faction and the “you can’t tell me what to do, this is against the constitution, masks are useless anyway” faction.

And it’s all so irrelevant.

I almost fell down The Mask rabbithole tonight. I did a search for “reasons for wearing the mask in COVID19” and then a search for “reasons for not wearing the mask in COVID19” and found the same thing: Some scientists say that masks help, and some scientists say that they don’t know, when it comes to COVID19. The science is still out on the subject. It’s all so new that science doesn’t know.

That’s it. That’s the short/long about masks. Science doesn’t know if masks help.

That leaves us the rest with a decision to make. Either we say, “I care about my neighbors and I will wear the mask even if it might not really help”, or we say, “I don’t care about my neighbors and I will not wear a mask even if it might help.”

That’s it. Those are the two positions. There are no third positions. There are only two.

To rephrase, either you show your neighbors you care and you wear a mask, or you show your neighbors you don’t care and you don’t.

And read: your neighbors are the people who live around you. The ones who shop with you. The ones who live next door. The ones in line at Walmart. Those strangers are your neighbors. Jesus talked about this.

And so, that’s it. Those are the choices. Until this thing passes, that’s what you got.

This isn’t about the constitution. This isn’t about freedom. This isn’t about politics.

This is about showing your neighbor you care. And we’re supposed to be a Christian country where that sort of thing matters.

And with that, dear neighbor, the mask is in your court.


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