Be Part of the Change

It wasn’t long ago, was it? We were worried about a virus. The virus consumed us. It was everything. There was nothing more important.

Simpler times.

Now, nothing matters more than the protests.

First, the virus. Now the protests.

And in both cases, nothing mattered more.

There are a couple of options here. There are at least a couple of things going on.

First, this is just a really bad year. I mean, the worst year in the history of years. In modern history, at least, there’s not been anything like this, and we just need to press on and get out of it.

Second, the powers that be are struggling more than any of us would want to imagine. There’s more going on here than any of could every dream or imagine, and we just need to press on and get out of it.

And either way, most of us are caught in the middle.

So what do we do? Those of us caught in the middle, what is the solution? How do we get life back to a semblance of normalcy?

That’s the question, isn’t it? How can life ever get back to a semblance of normalcy?

Here’s the answer.

We will not.

It will not.

Life will not get back to what it was.

And it shouldn’t.

There was so much wrong with life before. And I write this, knowing that I benefited so much from the life before.

But things can’t return to that. They just can’t.

Life, pre-COVID, we can’t go back to that.

Life, pre-protests, we can’t go back to that.

There is so much that needs to change. So much that needs to be done better. I can’t even begin to articulate it all. I just know it needs to happen.

We are at a pivotal moment in history, y’all. Everything is changing, and everything must change, and we have to be a part of the change or everything is just for shit.

And that’s just damned depressing. And it’s also damned exciting and liberating.

So I will be part of the change.

I’m not sure how, but I will be. I hope you will be, too.


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