We Won’t Be Manipulated

Things are coming to a head, aren’t they?

For Americans, at least. Things are being pushed and shoved and we are being pushed and shoved.

We thought 2016 was bad. 2016 was a kindergarten class compared to 2020.

2016 had a few social media posts that made us question this and that. 2020 has video and on the ground and first person narrative and chaos reigning supreme.

2016 had us coming out of a rough campaign season. 2020 has us coming out of a global pandemic.

It almost seems too easy, doesn’t it? All of it, how quickly everything has fallen apart? It’s all too easy.

And it seems clear… we’re being pushed. We’re being forced. It all seems inevitable, because we’re fulfilling someone’s agenda.

But here’s the the thing that those doing the pushing and the shoving and influencing can’t overcome…

We can’t be manipulated.

We won’t be manipulated.

We will overcome.

We will overcome the attempts to bend our will to those who are bending. We will look to the people who live around us, regardless of their differences. We will remember that what makes us strong is our community.

What makes us strong is our community.

Social media, and its inflammatory ways be damned.

Stay strong, America. Overcome. Stay strong and overcome this – the biggest threat we’ve faced in generations. Overcome.


Please, for God’s sake, overcome.


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