Discussing COVID

Had a distressing conversation with someone I don’t know on FB today.

I know. FB comment sections and people you don’t know. I get it. I’ll do better next time.

But this person cited a certain study as proof that COVID19 was not passed on by asymptomatic people. I’ve linked the study.

This would have huge implications if it were true. It would mean that our shocked reactions to the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend were an overreaction. It would mean that much of what we’re doing… the social distancing, the staying at home, the masks… is nonsense. It would mean that we only need to worry if someone is symptomatic. That would be huge.

But I took five minutes and read the study. It did not suggest that the virus was not passed by asymptomatic people. It suggested that asymptomatic people might not be as contagious as symptomatic people.

So I said as much.

And then it was suggested that we all have different interpretations. We all have different opinions.

And my response is… nope.

That’s not the way science works.

Science tells us that the virus is contagious when people are asymptomatic. That’s science. That’s fact. My opinion on this this is irrelevant.

You can be hanging out with your friends and family and be carrying the virus and have no idea. You can be going to church and be carrying the virus and have no idea. This is the way this particular virus works.

You can have it and have no idea.

That is fact.

That is why we have to be vigilant. That is why we have to adhere to strict measures by our churches and others who are trying to open for us. That is why we have to do our part to protect those who may not be as healthy as we are.

It’s not rocket science.

And if I can figure this out, anyone can.

The Study


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