Reopening Churches

Once again, I wrote a long impassioned post about churches reopening, and then I deleted it.

This is just so complicated, and this thing of churches opening up has me at my wit’s end.

On the one hand, certainly the president is pandering. Right? He knows he needs the evangelical Christian vote to get re-elected. Making the sort of announcement he made today will help make that happen. There can be no doubt this is a pandering move. No doubt.

But on the other had, people leading churches aren’t stupid. People leading churches know the importance of opening the right way. They aren’t going to just open up and say, “Come on all! It’ll be just like it was before the virus! Come in and sit together and hug and pretend like it never happened!”

But it just seems so reckless. Even with precautions taken.

You need to understand my perspective. Y’all are still in days 50 and 60 of this thing. We were in the 90’s before we even thought about re-opening schools with incredibly strict procedures in place, and it still seemed too soon.

I can’t imagine any church reopening this weekend would be nearly as strict as what we’ve done in our school.

And you’re still in the heat of it. You’re still getting new cases every day in the US. We hadn’t had any new domestic cases in weeks when we started reopening.

And still, the president is encouraging you to reopen churches.

It just seems so reckless. It seems like pandering.

And from a distance, I’m at my wit’s end.


One thought on “Reopening Churches

  1. It’s definitely a tricky proposition. I’m sure some churches can afford to re-open their buildings, particularly in areas that haven’t been hit all that hard. Others will probably need to wait a while.
    Over here in France, we just got the green light to re-open places of worship – with certain social distancing/safety protocols in place. Given that my particular congregation is nearly 50% young kids (many of them preschoolers) who have a hard time staying in their seats on a good day, and that we probably wouldn’t even be able to fit in all the adults with the social distancing guidelines, I have a feeling we’ll be doing online services for a few more weeks. We have been able to start up our small group meetings again, at least.

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