The Other Side is Coming

How are you doing with all of this?

How are you doing with all of this global pandemic that who would have thought that we would experience in our lifetime but really we all kinda figured this was coming because everything that was going on seemed to indicate that something else is around the corner asteroid collision alien invasion zombie apocalypse robots taking over etc etc etc.

This pandemic is so weird. Hollywood told us that this sort of thing would be exciting and scary and blood spurting and riots and chaos and mayhem and all.

But this is sitting at home and social distancing and flattening the curve and watching Netflix and wearing surgical masks and hand sanitizer.

So, how are you doing with all this?

It’s sort of mind-numbing, isn’t it?

That’s not something Hollywood prepared us for… the mind numbingness of it all. Mind numbing? It’s hard to capture that in a 90 minute movie and keep the audience interested. The Hero’s Journey doesn’t have a “the hero sits at home and tries to wait it out” section.

It’s strange, how reality doesn’t seem to be as much like fiction in this situation.

Reality says that sitting at home waiting it out can be harder than you’d think could be.

Reality says that sitting at home waiting it out can be pretty depressing.

Reality says that sitting at home waiting it out can take you down dark roads to dark places.

So, how are you doing with all this?

I hope that you aren’t falling into some sort of pit. There are lots of pits you know. They are sprinkled all around us like a minefield. The hero’s journey got that part right.

But I hope you’re avoiding them.

Because here’s the thing. Regardless of where you are and what you are going through and how you’re dealing with this, the goal is to get to other side.

And there is an other side.

All of this… this pandemic… the social distancing… the isolation the worry the fear… they aren’t a permanent thing. They’re only here for a bit, and then before you know it, we’ll be there.

The other side.

The other side will be different, for sure. But it’ll be the other side. We will have crossed. And the crossing, even in Hollywood hero’s journey movies, is always the hardest part. We’re crossing, but the other side is waiting for us.

And so, I hope you’re staying course. I hope you’re extending grace to yourself and those in your circle. I hope that you’re okay.

I hope that we’ll meet there, on the other side.


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