Who are the heroes in your community?

Who are the heroes in your community?

We all have them. The ones who are taking this extremely sucky situation and trying to make it better for everyone.

Who are they?

That’s what I’m wondering right now. It’s easy to focus on the asses trying to use this situation to increase their situation, but what about the ones who are trying to make things better?

For me, I see a bunch of teachers in China, who were asked to reopen a school after a global pandemic. These teachers are working together in such an optimistic and positive manner to do this seemingly impossible thing.

Not only that, I see the other teachers who are out of country encouraging the teachers in country by buying pizza and coffee and bagels for the ones on the ground here. It might seem insignificant, but it’s not. It means the world.

It might seem insignificant, this sacrifice, one for the other. But it means so much. It shows that we are together even when we are apart. It shows that we together even when circumstances say otherwise.

And it’s happening everywhere. People sacrificing for other people. People giving when this seems to be a time of need. People looking out for each other when this seems to be a time of self reliance.

There are heroes in all of our communities. There are lots of them. We all know them. We might be them.

This is what will help us to survive, and to thrive.

This is the chance for all of us to be a hero.

Be a hero. Make it better.


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