Bryan Adams and COVID19

Bryan Adams is the latest celebrity to cross the political correctness line. But, I’m not surprised.

If I was a celebrity I would also be saying all kinds of crap these days. I would be like, please people, listen to me. Help me feel relevant. I am a celebrity, for god’s sake. Listen to me.

I’d be Zooming and streaming and trying to come up with some way to do this whole pandemic thing better than the other celebrities. I’d be gathering old cast members, and rehashing what life was like before, and trying my damnedest to make myself feel relevant.

Because that’s what COVID does. It makes us all feel irrelevant. It is ongoing and oppressive and relentless. It reduces us to our dry bones. And considering that I was personally already irrelevant, I can imagine how it has impacted our poor celebrities who were relevant before, at least in their minds.

It has to be depressing.

They are used to people fawning… going on about how important they were… how important their music or their acting or their directing or their whatever was…

And COVID has told us that celebrity really doesn’t really matter. COVID doesn’t care about fame. It doesn’t care about wealth or power or politics.

COVID doesn’t check the IMDB page before pouncing.

COVID just likes killing people.


COVID will kill the famous, the anonymous, or whoever. COVID doesn’t care. COVID doesn’t follow celebrities on social media.

COVID just kills.

So I feel sorry for Bryan Adams, because he got caught up in the whole thing. He shot off when he probably shouldn’t have. He is probably just as anxious and frustrated and stressed as the rest of us.

But he’s also trying to be relevant.

I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for people who were relevant before.


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