The Parable of Farawaybutclose

main-13Once, there was a land.

This land, we’ll call Farawaybutclose.

In this land, a terrible dragon arrived, with warning, but not enough, to the terror of the people.

It was a terrible dragon, made all the more terrible because you couldn’t always detect it. The dragon could be right in your midst, and you would never know.

And then it would strike.

The dragon was insidious.

Nobly, the residents of Farawaybutclose chose to stay home. This seemed to weaken the dragon, because it needed people to be together. It needed connection. And it would use connection to attack the most susceptible people in the kingdom.

Somehow, staying home reduced its power.

But still, some residents were upset. “The dragon is weak!” they cried. “It only attacks the weak! It is nothing to afraid of! Go about your business and the dragon will fade away! In fact, there is no dragon!”

And they gathered in groups to protest being told to stay at home.

And with their gatherings, the dragon grew stronger. Using these gatherings of people to gain strength, the dragon rose up once more.

And the dragon continued to savage the land.


One thought on “The Parable of Farawaybutclose

  1. Or, the dragon was portrayed as much worse than it was. Maybe the dragon was used as a distraction for the more sinister evil lurking behind it. Maybe the dragon was a test to see how much control it had. Or the dragon was sent to keep God’s people from corporately worshipping. Or the dragon’s intent was to take down Farawaybutclose from the inside out.

    Just saying…….

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