T-minus 36 hours

We’re t-minus 36 hours from opening our school, and I’m mourning the loss of the last three months.

Isn’t that funny? Over the last three months I have been struggling with having every day be the same. And now, here we are, hours away from everything changing, and I’m already missing what we had.

I’m not sure what to do with that.

The last three months have been the most trying three months of my life, because of repetition and the fear of the unknown.

Every day has been like the one that came before. And especially in the early days, there was a real fear of what the virus could do to me and my family.

But mostly it has been the repetition.

But now, with the repetition being broken, I’m looking back over those days after days and…

Well, I’m sorry to see them go.

It seems like there was something in those days that was important. Something that I had been given. Something that I had taken for granted.

And I’m not sure it was. And that’s a bit maddening.

And I also don’t know what lies ahead. And that’s a bit distracting.

But what is certain is this… that no matter where we are in this thing, it will move on. Even if it feels like the repetitiveness is too much to bear, it will move on. We will get to the next stage of things.

And we will continue from there.

It’s coming.

But meanwhile, don’t lose what is happening now. Don’t lesson the now in your hope for the what’s next to come.

Something important is happening right now.

Right now.

Pay attention to the right now.

So that the what is to come will have even greater meaning.

This is what I’m thinking right now, t-minus 36 hours from opening our school.


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