How to open a school post COVID19, day two.

I’m amazed at our Chinese staff. While I’ve been sitting in my flat whining and complaining about reopening, they’ve been getting us ready to reopen.

Today we showed up at school to participate in drills simulating the day we open to our students. I was amazed at how well organized and planned everything was, with details from how the students would line up for temp checks to the classrooms that they would use to how we would deal with a student who became sick.

There are quarantine tents, hand sanitizing stations everywhere, and nurses in full hazmat suits.

People aren’t messing around with this reopen. Students will be working in extremely controlled situations, teachers will be supervising and will also have time to work individually in their classrooms.

By the time we reopen, we will have conducted drills for multiple levels of government, demonstrating our ability to reopen safely.

Do I wish I was staying at home and not having to deal with any of this? Yes.

But I am feeling much more reassured having seen the level of work that has gone into the reopen.

I’m just not looking forward to wearing a mask while I’m there. Any of my medical friends have any tips on how to wear a mask and not be so damned uncomfortable?

By the way, my COVID19 test came back negative. That’s a relief.




One thought on “How to open a school post COVID19, day two.

  1. Glad the results were negative. And all the precautions sound well-thought out. You’ll be happy when you’re teaching again and can focus on that. 😊 I can’t wait, although I’m also VERY nervous about our re-open. I think we’ll be under lockdown into May.

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