Moving forward

Yesterday I flipped out a bit. Sorry about that.

We’d been told that the school was aiming at reopening, and those of us who never left Shenzhen had not been consulted.

Today, we were consulted. And I can tell you that nothing helps calm an educator flip out more than being consulted.

The bottom line? We might be reopening in a week. Tomorrow all teachers who are on the ground will be tested to see if we’re carrying the virus. In the coming days the school will conduct drills for the local authorities, showing how we would handle a reopen.

They may approve it, or they may not. We still don’t know.

But meanwhile, we’ve been asked to give input into what a reopen would look like. What would the day-to-day look like? It’s good that we’ve been asked.

So, as one of the first schools in the world to reopen in the current pandemic, we’re trying to figure out what that would look like on a practical level.

Dictionary definition of uncharted waters.

But my colleagues in Shenzhen are professional educators, and we are going to work together to try and figure out how to make this work in a way that will safe and helpful for all.

In a way, it’s kind of exciting. In another way, it’s kind of terrifying.

But we’re pressing forward. We’ll see what happens.

And tomorrow I get a q-tip up my nose for kicks and giggles.

Here’s hoping for a negative result! I really don’t want a fourteen day quarantine.



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