We’re Stronger Than This

Seems like I was telling you guys about this weeks ago.

Thankfully, most of you were listening. Most of you started preparing and supplying up and staying at home, if you were able.

But not all of you. There were a few of you who thought it was just a bunch of hokey. Just a Chinese hullabaloo. And now look where you got the rest of us.

Because here’s the thing. If everyone had been isolating a month ago, the American story would be different today. And if everyone will isolate today, the American story will be different a month from now.

I hate going on social media these days, because I’m seeing so many tragic stories. People suffering. People barely surviving on ventilators. Hospitals overrun. Doctors and nurses contracting the virus they’re fighting. Here in China, we didn’t get the personal stories. Maybe because they were censored. Maybe because we aren’t Chinese and aren’t tapped into same social media. Either way, we just saw numbers. Now we’re seeing stories. How real people’s lives are being directly impacted by this thing spreading. And it’s distressing, to say the least.

I’m dreaming about the virus now. That didn’t happen before. Last night I dreamt that I took my kids to a barber shop and there were too many people in the barber shop. More than the government allowed. And people weren’t wearing masks. The night before, I dreamt I was fighting a monster on a cruise.

A monster on a cruise. I’ve never even been on a cruise. But I was on one, and there was a monster that I had to kill.

I think it’s all because I’m worried for my country. We’re such a land of freedom and movement, but this is a virus that exploits freedom and movement. The only way to defeat it is to go against the truths that we hold to be self-evident – at least for a while. And that runs counter to everything we hold dear. But, if we don’t, more and more people will get infected and die.

We must think that our ideals are stronger than all of this. This is a temporary fight, and we will eventually overcome it and our lives will return to something resembling normal. Probably not the normal we had before all of this began, but something better than what we’re experiencing right now.

But for now, we must continue doing what we’re doing – not let up – not relax our defenses. That’s how we’ll defeat this thing. That’s how we’ll come out the other side.

So regardless of whether or not you listened to me weeks ago, I hope you’re listening now, and I hope that you will keep on doing what you’re doing, staying at home, flattening the curve.

You’re doing the right thing.

Just keep doing it.


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