The 2017 MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Nominations


Yes, it’s that magical time of the year, where the six or seven loyal readers of this blog interested in all things MovieGuide® get to find out what films from the past year Dr. Baehr and company have decided deserve their coveted accolades.

While I don’t know exactly how these movies are chosen, I do know that – as opposed to most film awards – the MovieGuide® Awards don’t necessarily have to do with quality filmmaking or acting (although some of the nominees are quality nominees). Rather, the award nominations are based on the films that Dr. B and company decide are best for the family👪 and for America🇺🇸, so for that – those of us who are a part of American🇺🇸 families👪 extend our most grateful gratitude towards the MovieGuide® offices, because – as the great Barry Manilow once crooned – we can’t smile without you, MG®.

So, without further ado, here are the movies that MovieGuide® considers the best of the best:

The 2017 MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Nominations 

Epiphany Prize to the Most Inspiring Movie of 2017

All Saints

Bitter Harvest

The Boss Baby

The Case for Christ

Let There Be Light

The Promise

The Star

Epiphany Prize to the Most Inspiring Television Program of 2017

Blue Bloods: Cutting Losses

The Crown: Veregangenheit

Last Man Standing: Take Me to Church

Little Big Shots: Tiny Dancer

The Long Road Home: Black Sunday, Part 2

Victoria: An Ordinary Woman and The Queen’s Husband

The Faith & Freedom Award for Movies

The Faith & Freedom Awards for Promoting Positive American Values are awarded for entertainment value, for craftsmanship, and for creating programming that is uplifting, moral, insightful, compassionate, and that shows America and its people in a positive light.

Bitter Harvest

The Boss Baby

Darkest Hour


The LEGO Batman Movie

The Promise


Best Movie for Families

“The Boss Baby

Cars 3

The Case for Christ

Despicable Me 3

The Emoji Movie


The LEGO Batman Movie

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Smurfs: The Lost Village

The Star

Best 2017 Movies for Mature Audiences

All Saints

Bitter Harvest

Darkest Hour


Justice League

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Promise

Thor: Ragnarok


Wonder Woman

Grace Award for Most Inspiring Performance for Movies

Erika Christensen for “The Case for Christ”

John Corbett for “All Saints”

Oscar Isaac for “The Promise”

Kevin Sorbo for “Let There Be Light”

Sam Sorbo for “Let There Be Light”

Terrence Stamp for “Bitter Harvest”

Dan Stevens for “The Man Who Invented Christmas”

Mike Vogel for “The Case for Christ”

Christie Peters Grace Award Nominees for TV

Tim Allen for “Last Man Standing: Take Me to Church”

Len Cariou for “Blue Bloods: Cutting Losses”

Jenna Coleman for “Victoria: An Ordinary Woman and The Queen’s Husband”

Bill Engvall for “Last Man Standing: Take Me to Church”

Claire Foy for “The Crown: Veregangenheit”

Steve Harvey for “Little Big Shots: Tiny Dancer”

Tom Hughes for “Victoria: An Ordinary Woman and The Queen’s Husband”

Michael Kelly for “The Long Road Home: Black Sunday, Part 2”

Tom Selleck for “Blue Bloods: Cutting Losses”

Paul Sparks for “The Crown: Veregangenheit”

The MovieGuide® Awards are scheduled for February 2, 2018 at the Universal Hilton Hotel. It’s usually televised a couple of weeks later, but right now that information is not available.

And if anyone from MovieGuide® happens to read this (and I write this every year, yet to hear back from the MovieGuide® folks) I’d love to find out a couple of things from you: first, what is the process for selecting the nominees and deciding the winners? Second, why don’t you air the show live?



2 thoughts on “The 2017 MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Nominations

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  2. Thank You Movie Guide for your gracious kind award ,,I am the original story creator of everyscne in the film and screenwriterExecutive producer of Bitter Harvest film ,,I proosed thIan our producer e film to our producer and had it funded through him and found all the locations and Ukraine talent and crews ,,alot of leg work for George and Ian our Producer too see the film in photos and words i created in the story and script,,please search Youtube and get the unseen truth media knows little of about how I created the film and why ,,i live in Ukraine 13 yeras and fought in the revoution here and saw the killings in Maidan as the film was being made ,,carried the dying too and was shot at undert the bridge ,,,my son Genya was raidsed here in Smila depicted in the film ,,and metaphors of my dad Yaroslav Barry Peppers role as a Cossack warrior ,,my dad was a warrior in life ,,hard life indeed and raised ten kids ,,im the seventh son and my mom hard workig loving strong lady who passed on by Brain Cancer and struggled so hard most her life and struggled as she boasted about me as a sketching artist painter and actor screen writer to her doctor as she layed dying on the hospital bed before she died chatting barlely possible to doctors and nurses at her bedside with me so proud she was …calling me her protand four brothers mmthat also fueled me to write this story using their charachters as real life in my life as most survivors of the genocide are gone,in heaven , ,,My mom always wished me to be an artist like Yuris mother does in the film,,Yuri is me with a dream ,,i never realized in art academy ,,had to pay bills and survive on my own as a teen,,,left home ,,,big family hard times ,,but my mom was my strength,,and her belief in god and my own i gained as i realized more after she died ,,it fuled me to go back to Ukraine travle create this film and as well protest in revolutions ,,Orange revolution in Kiev after she died and extreme violent and massacre in Maidan revolution…thats my story and the original screenplay was called The Devils Harvest ,,you can see why in the film..God Bless ,,Please see the visual and podcast called -BASED ON A TRUE STORY PODCAST BITTER HARVEST BY DAN LEFEBRE IN USA ,,great respects to his kindness and caring for truth ..Youtube Bitter Harvest ,interview with the writer Richard Bachynsky Hoover and get a deeper scoop on the making and the behind the scenes of the film segment 2.
    Thank you once again ,,god bless ,im in Ukraine ,,war still rages here .. my email is credits on IMDB and our website

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