Embracing Beauty • Day 5 • The Animation of Glen Keane


You know the work of animator Glen Keane, even if you aren’t familiar with his name. Having worked with Disney for many years, Keane’s character animation contribution is a virtual who’s who of the pre-Pixar Disney canon. From his last feature animated position as animation supervisor, character designer, and the directing animator in the hit Disney film, Tangled, to his first job as character animator on The Rescuers, Keane’s fingerprints are found all over some of our favorite Disney films.

But for today’s embrace of beauty, I want to focus on Keane’s most recent contribution to the world of animation, his 2014 animated short, Duet.

If you are a fan of animation, I’d invite you to take a look at more Keane’s work on the various Tumbler accounts dedicated to his art. Here are some beautiful examples taken from theartofkeane.blogspot.com.

You can find another example of beauty in Keane’s work in a video he made with the Opéra national de Paris, called Nephtali, which “uses both film and drawing in order to depict the journey of a ballerina that is drawn towards a higher power.”

Lastly, while not necessarily fitting with our exploration of beauty, Glen Keane talks about the past and future of visual storytelling in this fascinating video, Step into the Page.

Follow Glen Keane on Twitter here, and on Facebook, here.

Stay tuned for more examples of embracing beauty, and please share these posts with your friends each day this month! Remember, this blog doesn’t have any advertising, and I make no money off of getting hits on stories. I just want to counteract the ugliness we see each day with small and huge examples of the beauty that exists in this world!

Also, if you have an example of beauty that you want to share, drop me a line at info@thimblerigsark.com and I’ll be happy to include it!

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