Embracing Beauty • Day 3 • The Photography of Samuel Zeller


Our series on beauty continues today with the photography of Samuel Zeller. Zeller is a photographer who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and specializes in seeking out the beautiful in unusual places.

Asked in an interview in Frankie Magazine what kind of subjects interested him the most, Zeller said, “The seemingly less interesting ones – the corner of a building, the industrial areas, those things we see but don’t look at closely. I’ve always paid attention to my surroundings, and find more and more interest in finding beauty everywhere.”

This definitely matches the spirit of what I’m trying to do with this series, 31 Days of Embracing Beauty, and so I hope that you enjoy Zeller’s work. And if you do, then share his work with your own social media connections.

Help spread the beauty today!

You can find much more of Samuel Zeller’s photography on his website, samuelzeller.ch, as well as on Instagram, and on Unsplash.

To follow Zeller on Twitter: @zellersamuel.

Stay tuned for more examples of embracing beauty, and please share these posts with your friends each day this month! Remember, this blog doesn’t have any advertising, and I make no money off of getting hits on stories. I just want to counteract the ugliness we see each day with small and huge examples of the beauty that exists in this world!

Also, if you have an example of beauty that you want to share, drop me a line at info@thimblerigsark.com and I’ll be happy to include it!

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