find the creep

I’m OUTRAGED!!! Today, I went to The Rock to see what the crazies were preaching, and HE WAS BACK! That creep from the tree yesterday was now at the The Rock, AGAIN trying to take advantage of people. This time the nutjob was telling everyone some garbage about the end of the world, and he even mentioned UNICORNS. That’s right. Unicorns.

I was able to get another pic, but people we HAVE to do something about this pest!!! He makes me feel very unsafe, and again, the wild dogs aren’t interested. (Personally, I think they’re on the take, but PLEASE don’t tell them I said that.)

Please PLEASE repost this so that we can find him before he really hurts someone.

By the way, I know how to recognize scammers like this because I read Thimblerig’s Ark, and it’s free for ONE MORE DAY.

It looks like rain, so I need to stop and post this.


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