Con Artist Warning! BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

stock-footage-closeup-of-a-marmot-in-wildlife-near-saas-fee-switzerlandOk, people take a look at this creep. Today at the festival of Asarata, he approached me and my kids when we were standing in line and asked if we wanted to “play a game”. I immediately removed my kids from the area, but came back to see him playing the ILLEGAL shell game with a rhinoceros. I went straight to the wild dogs and told them, but (as usual) they weren’t interested in doing anything. Hopefully this jerk will get caught before he takes advantage of someone not as smart as me. PLEASE REPOST so we can find him!

By the way, I knew what to do because I read this book, Thimblerig’s Ark, which you can download for free until Thursday. PLEASE REPOST! FIND THE GROUNDHOG AND MAKE HIM PAY!


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