4 thoughts on “Spend a little time with Rich Mullins.

      • I haven’t seen it. I tried to get it at my local Christian gift store but it is out of stock. I’ve got it on my wishlist with amazon if I can’t get it another way.

        What’s your opinion of the movie? I have seen good reviews here and there by people who knew Rich Mullins. However, there hasn’t been a single review of it on rotten tomatoes, which I find peculiar. It was released in 2014 so it should have been seen by somebody on the list of reviewers.

        This movie is in a genre that I feel has great potential for the Christian movie industry, the “based on a true story” genre. The real life aspect of it takes away the ammo of the critic who would discredit the film as being an unrealistic moral tale. It also gives the movie maker more potential to give their characters depth, which seem to be lacking in the one dimensional moral tales that are being panned by critics today.

        From what I’ve seen of Rich Mullins, he had real depth of character and it would be hard to predict what would come out of his mouth in an interview. Such a personality is attractive as a main character. I’d be interested to see whether or not the current Christian movie industry did his character justice.

      • The makers of Ragamuffin had a pretty tall order to get me to like their movie, because my personal connection with Rich Mullins was so strong. I sort of wish I’d watched the movie knowing nothing about the man, but I carried my baggage into the theater, and that kept me from enjoying it as much as some people did. One thing is for sure, I respected the heck out of the filmmakers for getting the movie made in the first place. It was the ultimate indy film venture, and it paid off in spades for them.

        Here’s my review, if you’re interested:


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