Spin Marketing Christian-made Films

According to their website, on Easter weekend, Tim Chey’s David and Goliath premiered in 31 cities across the fruited plain.  The film, which reportedly cost $50 million to make, made just over $150,000.  But on Monday morning (China time), I saw that the David and Goliath Facebook page had posted the following update.

My last check indicated that this post has been liked 1,007 times, and shared 126 times.

The only problem?  The D&G FB people are lauding their weekend by saying they were “The #2 New Release Movie” for the weekend in the theaters in which they premiered. But as I looked through the listings of those theaters, as far as I could tell, there were only two new releases this weekend. David and Goliath, and Fast and Furious 7.

So, in other words, they’re promoting the film by saying that it came in last for new release films, but making it sound like a big accomplishment.

Got to love spin in marketing!

By the way, I’ve only found one review of David and Goliath so far, and here it is.


Earlier this morning, I wrote a comment on the David and Goliath Facebook page requesting information about their stats.  I just went back to see if the D&G people had replied, and found my comment deleted, and that I was blocked from making further comments on their page.  Interesting…

***second update***

The spin continues.  Riverrain Studios (no website or contact information that I can find), the folks behind David and Goliath, have issued a press release lauding the film’s unimpressive second place finish out of two new release movies.  The press release, entitled ‘David and Goliath’ Rocks at the Box Office is a textbook example of spinning a story, and is complete with anecdotal reviews from regular moviegoers.

***third update***

And the spin story has been picked up here, and spun some more:

and here:

“David and Goliath” Movie Hits #1

Not only do these stories put a spin on an unimpressive feat (being #2 out of 2), but they also spin the #1 Independent film story to sound more impressive than it is.  According to deadline.com, the number one indie film of the weekend was Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young.

The press release gets the information technically correct, but you have to read the fine print (or in this case, the parenthetical print): David and Goliath was the #1 indie film per screen average for a specialty bow.  That doesn’t mean that it was the #1 indie film.  “Specialty bow” means that it was a specialty film that premiered that weekend.  And of the two specialty bow indie films that premiered over Easter weekend (David and Goliath and a film called Let’s Get Married – a foreign language film from China) D&G was #1.

Read the details here.


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