600px-I-22.svgI had a couple of interesting things happen to me today with regards to Christian media.

First, I was blocked on Tim Chey’s David and Goliath Facebook page for asking them to provide a link to substantiate a Facebook post that bragged they were the #2 new release film for the weekend in the theaters in which they were released, only to find out that there were only two new release films in most of those theaters.  I wrote about it here.

Not a great way to reassure me about the state of Christian media, Mr. Chey.

Second, when I woke up this morning, brewed up my cup of coffee, and cranked up the ol’ Macbook Pro, I found a story waiting for me on Facebook.

Bake for them two.

This article hit me pretty hard, as I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this issue of late.  Being outside of the U.S., it’s not as in-my-face, but having spent the last twenty-two days living on Christian news websites, I know that it is in the face of many.

8050005-adult-black-band-with-white-print-wwjd-what-would-jesus-do-silicone-band-christianThe article really spoke to me, not about my rights as an American, but my responsibilities as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Regardless of my stance on the issue of the legality or legitimacy of homosexual marriage, I am called to love people in the name of Jesus, right?  And Jesus was infamous for not sticking with the established religious standards, but breaking the rules in an attempt to draw people to himself.  What would Jesus do, indeed?

I wrote about it on Facebook, and found the article being supported by some and hated by others, which was predictable.  It’s amazing how hard it is to really follow Jesus.

Day 22 down.