star-trek-ii-wrath-khan-spock-mccoy-katra-meldIsn’t it interesting that on the 13th day of the 40 Days and Nights of Christian Media Challenge, my computer dies?  Yep.  This morning, Bessie was working fine, and then she just up and died.  No last moan, not a peep, just a silent final death.

You’ll be missed, Bessie.

So, today, I’ve had very little access to media, thanks to a dead computer.  I wonder if God is trying to send me a message?

One message I’ve received is that now I have to go to Hong Kong and get a new computer.  So, the 13th day has cost me dearly.

And then I’ll have to open poor Betsie up like a tauntaun on Hoth, and pull out her innerds until I can find the hard drive, so I can save Bessie’s Katra.  (Sorry, I’m doing a J.J. Abrams and mixing Trek and Wars).

The pity is I had downloaded some good Christian media to watch this weekend, and now it’s kerplunk.  Oh, well!

Not sure how much media I’ll have this week, but I’ll hopefully be reporting it on a new laptop by Sunday.