twelve_logoMy Christian Media Challenge led me to a revelation today, and it might seem like a painfully obvious revelation, but I’m actually okay with the fact that I’m slow on many things.  After all, the disciples were all pretty slow, weren’t they?  So I’m in good company.

My revelation today was this: man shall not live by Christian media alone.

I believe that this is an important revelation, even as obvious as it is.  After all, there are people out there who get all of their spiritual nourishment from Christian media, and they think it’s enough.  They listen to the right music, read the right books, visit the right websites, see the right movies, but spiritually, they’re as dry as a bone.

They’re doing all of the stuff, but their spirits are crisp and brittle.

What are they missing?  I think that the argument could be made that the list of things they’re missing is quite long.  But the most important thing they’re missing is also the most obvious.

They’re missing Jesus.

They’re so busy working, doing all the right things as they see them, checking off the right boxes, and avoiding all the naughty bits along the way, but they’re missing the reason for it all.

He’s the reason for it.

The way he treats us is the way we’re supposed to treat others.  The way he treated others should underscore that reality.  The choices he made, the people he spent time with, the way he taught, the things he deemed important and valuable to say, these are the things we should be driven to by our media consumption.

And yet, during this 40 Day event, I’ve not found any media that truly fulfills me.

But is that really so bad?  Christian media shouldn’t exist for the sake of the media, or even for my sake.  Christian media shouldn’t even be fulfilling.  In fact, it should actually have very little to do with me at all.  What Christian media should do is point me back to Jesus, and it should also serve as an encouragement for me to go searching for Jesus in the pages of Scripture.

Everything else is just white noise.  And there’s a LOT of white noise out there.

Seek out Jesus in Scripture today.