Day 8 • The 40 Days (and Nights) of Christian Media Challenge

I love the Sabbath, because it’s a good discipline to pull myself away from most media for most of the day.

An interesting thing happened today – I taught Sunday School for middle schoolers (we are part of a rotating team of teachers – we teach about once a month), and I felt like I had a lot more authority in my teaching than I’d had in the past.  The sad thing is that it wasn’t because of the new Christian-made material I’d been taking in, but rather, because of the non-Christian material that I’d been avoiding.

Garbage in, garbage out… it’s a real thing, it would seem.

But I am still trying to consume nothing but Christian media for these forty days, and so the march continues.   Thanks to the advice of a Facebook friend, I found a couple of more Christian Netflix sites: and Morningstar Video.  I’m hopeful that their streaming will work better than has been working, as living in China, streaming is always a challenge.  I’m also happy to find that one of these streaming sites offers The Beverly Hillbillies.  If I could just find The Andy Griffith Show on a Christian streaming site, I’d be set.

Do-You-Believe-Christian-Movie-Film-DVDI did spend a good bit of the morning perusing reviews for the new Pure Flix film, Do You Believe?, and have not been surprised at what I have found:  Christian reviewers praise the film, non-Christian reviewers pan the film.  Big surprise there.

Do you know what would make my day?  My year?  If a successful film company with a Christian mission (like Pure Flix) would shake it up a bit and release a film that breaks with their formula, a film truly aimed at non-Christian audiences.  With their clout and budgets, they could potentially do something really cool.

But I suppose they must be hooked on simply preaching to the choir.  It’s a pity.

A day with less media, Christian or otherwise….

It’s been a good day.




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