Star Wars Episode VII Concept Art


Spoiler images ahead!!!

If you wish to walk into the theater on December 18, 2015 with absolutely no knowledge about anything to do with Episode VII, then click away to another page.

Maybe here?

Or, you can read my open letter to J.J. Abrams: Please keep the sex out of Star Wars!


These images just hit the internet today, and they are fantastic.  They look like classic Star Wars, but with new elements thrown in.  Exactly what an old fan hopes for.

The images were first found here, but you can see them by just looking down the page here.

I can’t wait to see how these all piece together!



4 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII Concept Art

  1. That ad-hoc base of operations built with that AT-AT looks incredible! I want to watch it just to sift through the ruins of the empire. I’m very afraid of the writing of the story because Abrams writing team is very much hit or completely miss…but the art direction seems to look like it is well in hand.

    • Agreed, J.W. I like the pic with the star destroyer wreckage in the background. There’s so many stories to mine from the post-Empire! And I’m also interested to see what form the new Empire will take – and why. But I agree that the writing will be key – because if there’s anything I – III taught us – pretty SFX don’t cover up lousy storytelling.

      • Don’t get me started on pretty FX! That is pretty much what the budgets are spent on today in the ADD/ADHD world. Gonna go track down that trashed Star Destroyer. How did I miss that?

      • Ha! Just found it. In the background of the X-Wing being reclaimed. Those things are so huge they look like a mountain in the background. There must have been so many folks required to crew one of those…can you imagine the payroll, food service, etc on one of those to keep them crewed? I wonder if they have like a mini mall, barber, and cinema for folks to visit during down time.

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