4 thoughts on “Exodus: Gods and Kings

  1. I love epic films! I’m actually watching Noah this weekend, haven’t gotten to it, but I think this trailer looks great.

    The story of Moses leading the people out of Egypt is one that I always keep reading because it’s so good. Sometimes the Bible puts me to sleep, but it has never happened with Moses and the exodus from Egypt.

    I think it’ll be good!

  2. I can’t really seem to get over how whitewashed this film is. It’s almost insultingly regressive. I want to write a memo to Hollywood with the actual number of white people in the Bible. It will be a short list.

  3. This trailer looks amazing and because the storyline is somewhat a little more interesting and action packed it may be more appealing to the masses, but it is still a bible story at the end of the day talking about a God who society no longer wants to acknowledge so we’ll see…

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