This was ridiculous a long time ago, Sudan. Now it’s just embarrassing.

After joyfully reporting yesterday that Meriam Ibrahim had finally been released by someone within the Sudanese government with some common sense, it’s now being reported that she and her family were detained once again in the airport in Khartoum as they tried to leave the country, and that she has been re-arrested.


The report discusses that different forces within Sudan’s government are reacting in diametrically different ways, exhibiting spectacular displays of disunity and disorganization, with a poor innocent mother, father, and their children caught in the middle.

Government of Sudan, if your goal was to demonstrate your expertise and modernity, you have failed.  Dramatically and fantastically.  The world is slapping our collective foreheads at what you have put this family through.

And so, here we go again.  #PrayforMeriam


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