The Sacred Arts Revolution

When my post, What’s Wrong with Christian Filmmaking, went viral back in March, I had no idea what to do with it.  I hadn’t planned on writing a post that would go on to reach over 100,000 readers, and I didn’t have a second stage set up, ready to go, to take advantage of the excitement.

I did become encouraged to try and do something to help continue the conversation, however.  I started a Facebook group called The Sacred Arts Revolution, and then promptly got busy with life and didn’t even announce that I’d started it.  So it still sits there, idle.

Since I’m still getting regular visitors to the article, and since people are still asking the question, “Okay, so lots of us feel this way, now what?”  I thought I’d announce it and see if there is any interest in being a part of a conversational group where we can discuss what people are doing to revolutionize what I’m calling “the sacred arts”.

If you’d like to be a part of that conversation, then run over to the Sacred Arts Revolution Facebook page and join!  Feel free to include articles, and make comments, and begin discussions, and network, and encourage, and enjoy!  I’m not sure if it will go anywhere, but it’s worth a shot!

Meanwhile, I’m looking for a logo for the Sacred Arts Revolution, so if anyone would like to give it a shot just for the exposure, I’d love to see some ideas!  Post them on the FB page.

Also, share the word!  Post links up on Facebook and Twitter and Google+, and wherever you spend time online.  Let’s help the conversation grow!



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