Breaking News! Meriam to be Freed!

It’s still yet to be reality, but reports are coming out that the Sudanese government has committed to release Meriam Ibrahim, the young woman who was recently condemned to death for the “crime” of apostasy.

The story created world-wise outrage, and the sentencing was roundly condemned by everyone who has common sense and decency.  A few days ago, Meriam gave birth, which meant that the clock to her execution had started ticking.

It looks like the pressure put on the government of Sudan by most of the rest of the world was felt, and if the Sudan follows through, we may be celebrating Meriam’s reunion with her family in just a few days.

Now, we need to start praying for Meriam in some pretty specific ways:

1)  That Meriam will not be overwhelmed by the fame she will be given because of her experience.

2)  That Meriam will have wise counsel around her guiding her through the coming months.

3)  That God might use Meriam’s testimony and her story to bring glory to Himself and not to Meriam and her family.

4)  That He will protect her from anyone who may wish her harm because of the reason she was sentenced to death.

So, just because she’s (hopefully) being freed, we shouldn’t stop praying for Meriam and her family!


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