Meriam Ibrahim Update

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”  John Piper

As we continue praying for Meriam to experience true justice and for the Sudanese government to do the right thing (according to international law and their own constitution) and release her, we should be praying that God would continue comforting this young woman, and helping her to find her satisfaction in Him, first and foremost.  I can’t begin to imagine what this poor woman is experiencing, but I know that if she is finding her delight in Him, she can overcome.

That being said, please continue to pray for Meriam’s immediate and unconditional release, and continue to spread the word about what she’s experiencing at the hands of these so-called men of justice.

Here is some new information:

According to Fox News, Meriam’s husband Daniel Wani is in Khartoum working to try and appeal the ruling from Thursday, that sentenced Meriam to death for apostasy.  Daniel was able to visit Meriam for the first time on Monday, and found that his eight-month pregnant wife was being kept with shackles on her legs.  [Class-act move, Sudan – shackling a very pregnant woman.  Do you really think she’s going to run away?]

Also, the pressure coming from all over the world might be starting to affect the way authorities in Sudan are approaching this case.  Fox reports:

In addition, a statement from several attorneys associated with the Sudanese high court was released Monday, calling for an appeal of Ibrahim’s death sentence.

Another bit of information that has been revealed is that Meriam first came to the attention of authorities back in August, and it was because of members of her own father’s classy family.  They apparently complained to authorities that Meriam had been originally named “Afdal” (which is a Muslim name – which meant that she had been born Muslim) and that she had converted to Christianity and married a Christian man, and was therefore committing both adultery and apostasy.

She is in this situation because of her own family – on her father’s side – which is the side that truly “matters” to these so-called men of justice in Sudan.

So, let’s be praying for Meriam – that God would be continually revealing Himself to her in her captivity, and that He – through the Holy Spirit – would influence the authorities to release Meriam and allow her to live.

Finally, you can click here to sign a petition demanding that the Sudanese government release Meriam from prison.




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