An Open Letter to Readers of Thimblerig’s Ark

Dear Reader,

First of all, thank you so much for reading Thimblerig’s Ark!  I hope that you enjoyed it.

Thimblerig's Arc_3 (1)I had so much fun creating the character of Thimblerig, and making him truly despicable so that we could be surprised when we wind up rooting for him.  Apparently others liked him, too, because many readers have written me asking what happens to him next! Well, if you are one of those readers, don’t go far, because Thimblerig’s saga isn’t over yet.  He and the other members of the company will be back for Thimblerig’s Ark, Book Two.

I really have appreciated the feedback I’ve received, at Amazon, on Goodreads, at my blog, and through private messages.  And one of the things that I’ve discovered in this process is that I really do enjoy feedback!  As I have just started diving into the second book, I would really enjoy hearing what you liked, what you loved, even what you hated.  In short, I’d love to hear from you!  You can reach me at or the website,

Finally, I need to make a request.  I’d love to have you review Thimblerig’s Ark.  Was there something that you found meaningful?  Did you love it?  Did you hate it?  Some people are thrown off by the idea of writing a review, but this extremely low pressure.  It can be a couple of sentences, or a few paragraphs.  Either way, I would really appreciate your feedback.

It’s really difficult to get reviews, because folks are all busy and it takes enough time to read a book, let alone the time it takes to craft a comment.  But the truth of the matter is that you – the reader – have the power these days to make or break a book.  And I would love your help!

You can write your review on Thimblerig’s Ark Amazon page here:

And/or at Goodreads here:

I really am grateful that you read Thimblerig’s Ark, and hope you’ll be around for the second part in a few months!

And if you haven’t read Thimblerig’s Ark yet, what are you waiting for?  A flood?


Nate Fleming








And special thanks to for the idea.



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