One of the big perks to being an international educator is that interesting places, formerly out of reach, are just a hop away. In our case, we were whisked from Sichuan province by Air Asia for a quick spring break trip to Penang Island, Malaysia.


According to, Penang Island has a long history intermingled with the west, and is an island full of stories of colonization, pirates, spices, opium, and invasions by all sorts.

Today, the island is mainly invaded by tourists, and good on the people of Penang for taking advantage of that by having a fantastic place to visit, with friendly people, tasty food, and beauty unsurpassed. I was also inspired by our trip there to begin work on a book series that I’ve been contemplating for quite a while, dealing with lost treasure, such as the story of the lost treasure of the Flor De La Mar.  More on that to come.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of our very relaxing time at the Golden Sands Resort, in Penang, Malaysia.



Penang, Malaysia • Spring Break 2014

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