Today’s Ragamuffin Quote from Rich

“There’s a line out of G. K. Chesterton where he says how we hate monotony because we’re not strong enough to exult in it. He says children kick their legs rhythmically out of an excess, not a lack of life. How do we know that all daisies are alike not because they have to be but because God never gets tired of making them? How do we know the sun doesn’t rise every morning because God says, ‘Do it again’? It might be due to the abundance of God’s life that the universe continues without variance. Then he says, we have sinned and grown old and our Father is younger than we.”

Rich Mullins



3 thoughts on “Today’s Ragamuffin Quote from Rich

  1. I agree larry trasciatti. People who lived & wrote & drew & made music long before us had already learned so much. Why start from scratch, why not learn from others? I’m sure birds don’t always fly to hunt…because they must. They often look like they glide on the breeze because they’re enjoying themselves.

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