I’m So Angry About the Biblical Inaccuracies in Noah!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the Noah film, and the livid reactions of so many Christians who are so upset that the film wasn’t more faithful to their interpretation of the Biblical story.  I’m probably going to write about it, but for today, I’m just going to post this picture, and wonder if any Christians get upset by the way this picture strays from the Biblical story.



2 thoughts on “I’m So Angry About the Biblical Inaccuracies in Noah!

  1. I have heard on the radio that Noah is very accurate (104.7), however I’ve also heard it’s very inaccurate… but I think this picture almost infuriates me more than the Noah movie could… (note this comment is to be taken as humorous not serious… kind of)

    • Ha! The funny thing is that most people who lambasted Noah for inaccuracies probably have coloring books with pictures like this, and Veggietales in a closet somewhere.


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