Thimblerig’s Ark Free Download!

Thimblerig’s Ark is free for download this weekend! A middle grade novel that blends the fantasy of C.S. Lewis with Genesis account to tell a compelling story of redemption!

“All in all, a great romp. Quirky characters set up a gentle tale with a solid message behind it. Ideal audience would be 8-12.”
From Goodreads reviewer, Mark Lingane

Go get the book for free this weekend!

Nate Fleming


2 thoughts on “Thimblerig’s Ark Free Download!

  1. Please could someone tell me how to get the book free? Have I noticed it to late and promo over? I followed the link on my tablet, and it has no free link etc. I haven’t got kindle app will try that next lol
    Thanks if anyone knows of different promos please let me know.

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