“Noah” the movie… coming March 2014

Noah is huge, and Thimblerig’s Ark is tiny.

Noah will be advertised on the Superbowl, and this author will be watching the Superbowl.

Noah‘s focused on Noah and his family, and Thimblerig’s Ark is focused on the animals.

Noah is a major motion picture and Thimblerig’s Ark is a wannabe unpublished book.

Even with these enormous differences, I still feel a kinship to what Darren Aronofsky, Russell Crowe, and company are trying to accomplish with their film.  I’ve imagined the scenes in Thimblerig’s Ark as scenes in a movie so many times, I can’t wait to see what  Aronofsky and Matthew Libatique will put on the screen.  I have a feeling some will be similar.

So, even if I’ll probably never make enough noise to get a shoutout from any of the Noah cast or crew, I’ll still do my part to promote what they’re doing.

Come March 8, make sure to go see Noah in full IMAX 3-D!

And if you’re a literary agent or a publisher looking for a new take on the story of Noah’s Ark, let me know.   I may have just what you’re looking for.


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