On Almost Making It

Happened upon this wonderful blog post this morning.


It’s very timely for me, and a good word for anyone trying to get past the gatekeepers and trying to “make it”.  Some highlights:

My potential didn’t matter. Only my pitch did. If it wasn’t enough to win her over then it wasn’t. It was and is no one’s job to see “potential” and raise it to “productive.” It was my own job to do that. Kind of a kick in the gut, but there it was.


Publishers aren’t responsible for encouraging the books that almost make it.  They will turn down books that might be good because “might” is not a strong enough word. Would you hire an assistant who had the potential to be competent or one who demonstrated they already are?


If you’re close but no cigar don’t assume  it’s because people don’t “get you” or don’t want you to succeed. It’s way more complicated that. And for the love of God don’t stop working.


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